Almafi Coast, Italy – Birthplace of the Love and Light Movement

We deserve to live luxurious lives filled with Love and Light ~ LLM Adventure Goddess

Almafi Coast, Italy

“Grief can take care of itself, but to get the full value of joy you must have somebody to divide it with.”

― Mark Twain

The Love and Light Movement was birthed in October 2019 in the Almafi Coast Italy.

During this trip I celebrated the end of a year of gratitude and started the journey to invite more love and light in my life.

I curated this trip for myself and a close friend and during this excursion I was moved to share my healing journey. During this excursion I felt alive! I experienced beauty and luxury. I felt love and light and I knew I wanted to continue sharing these experiences with others.

We deserve to live luxurious lives filled with Love and Light like everyone else

— LLM Adventure Goddess.

I had a vision of traveling to the Almafi Coast and I had this saved as my work background for years. And finally it manifested in 2019.

Thoughts become things – Manifest more love and light movement

Thoughts become things – Manfiest More love and light in your life. ~ LLM Adventure Goddess

I have traveled internationally for over a decade. I have traveled to 6 different continents, over 30 countries, something about this trip was different. I now understand God planted a seed for a vision that would take nearly a year to unfold.

Travel has halted for Americans due to the pandemic, but now I understand this gave me time to birth this vision!

Welcome to the Love and Light Movement travel and adventure blog!

I wish you love and light,

LLM Adventure Goddess

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