Mount Woodson Summit – Chasing Sunsets

My vision to incorporate local and international hiking and outdoor adventures into the Love and Light became clear when I reached the summit of Mount Woodson in Poway, Ca.

Mount Woodson in Poway, Ca is a vigorous hike that is 7.6 miles in length! The views from the summit are absolutely breathtaking.

My favorite time to hike is the late afternoon as the sunset approaches. I was so in awe of God’s beauty and took time to pray and give thanks for my journey. I think I was filled with too much gratitude because I stayed at the summit for too long and quickly realized that I needed to run down before It got dark. A little known fact, I am actually terrified of high heights, but I refuse to live in fear so I keep pushing the envelope to face my fears. So it was important for me to push through.

My delayed departure led to me coming face to face with a mountain lion as dusk quickly approached. Let me tell yall, I was TERRIFIED! I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears! Even though I was trembling in fear I literally cried out to God for his divine protecting and let the lion know I came in the name of Love and Light because God is love and light and I was standing on his divine promises to protect those who believe in him.

Time froze but as I continued to call on God, the lion retreated! I wish I was making this up, but this was something out of a movie.

I faced my fear of heights and fear of imminent death. This experience reminded me that I was walking in my God ordained purpose and I would be protected as I go on my way.

What’s really interesting is the person I was hiking with for safety actually retreated and left me to stand toe-to-toe with the Mountain Lion in a state of fear and panic. In times of crisis you truly get to see a person’s character. I realized that I am calm in crisis and ground myself in logic. There is safety in numbers while hiking outdoors! I want to curate a safe place where people have a healthy sense of reverence for nature and enjoy experiences in nature and have a sense of community and fellowship.

My personal adventures are designed to push my personal envelope – I am a 3 time marathon finisher, hiker, and novice mountain climber.

My community hikes will take place on less vigorous trails (that don’t have mountain lions) that allow even the novice hiker to complete. I look forward to seeing everyone on the Love and Light Movements Inaugural adventure September 26th, 2020.

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I am Bri from the IE the Love and Light Movement Adventure Goddess. I am world traveler, endurance athlete, adventurer, and Mountain Climber on a mission to show you the world from a love perspective.

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