Tulum, Mexico

I traveled to Mexico for Christmas in 2020 and it was a whole vibe! A single blog post would not do so I am going to do a three part series to cover each city I visited and my experience during the pandemic starting with Tulum.

When I travel, it all starts with a vision! I think about how I want to feel and what I want to experience rather than the cost. That is what I define as luxury……

The initial vision for this trip was manifested from a dream someone had of us on a beach, I took that dream and manifested it into reality. Due to life circumstances and the pandemic, the original itinerary changed rapidly and I had to go solo – but let me tell you! This experience was far more beautiful than I imagined 

I needed to see Tulum for myself. Like many of you all, I say the pictures on Instagram and I was so sick and tired of not seeing myself in them lol.

I would consider myself a luxury traveler. I treat myself when I am on vacation. I want to see and experience things that set my soul on fire. And I want dope travel photos.

Before I even look at prices I always gather pictures and put together a vision of what the perfect trip will be, then I execute the details.

Traveling this way allows me to manifest the desires of my heart and opens me up to unique experiences! I have no problem traveling solo, but I love to share these experiences and curate trips for other people.

The topics below answer question based on feed back from Instagram

Flying in to Tulum

  • You need to fly into Cancun International Airport, then it is about a 2 hour drive into Tulum.
Cancun Airport Eyes Continued Expansion | TravelPulse

COVID-19 Testing and entry requirements

  • You are not required to test for entry to Mexico
  • However, I strongly encourage everyone to be a good global citizen and test so that we do not continue to spread the virus on the plane and to foreign countries
  • You do not need a COVID-19 test to return to the US. However, you must wear a mask on the plane or they will ban your flight privileges for life if you do.
  • Please have a valid passport and keep the form you are given from Mexican Immigration. You will need this to return home

COVID-19 Safety in Mexico

  • I felt very safe in Mexico! Actually safer than in America. People wore masks everywhere I went.
  • The restaurants I went to had hand washing stations as soon as you walked in the door and an attendant provided you with santizer prior to check in
  • Surfaces were sanitized each time a new client apporached the check in stations
  • People follow a 10 foot social distancing protocol.

Food in Tulum

I am vegan-ish and honestly I was underwhelmed with the food options. I was only in Tulum for a day and I had dinner and drinks at Mezzanine. This was a gorgeous beach front restaurant. However, the Thai food I had there was nothing to write home about.


  • I selected the Westin Resort and Spa in Cancun. This beach front property is absolutely amazing! And they have an on site private adventure concierge. Much love to Westin Adventuras for helping me book my excursion 
Beach Resort in Cancun, Mexico | The Westin Resort & Spa, Cancun

Driving a rental in Mexico

  • I rented a car to drive down to Tulum for a day from my hotel in Cancun. It was nice treat to rent to discover that the hotel had a rental car office.
  • This was my first time driving out of the country and I made it there in one piece. I will say traveling home was a different beast! I definitely got pulled over for “speeding” and instead of a ticket my mans let me go with a nice little payment for my troubles! Never again!! I will hire a driver, I am not built for international jail or confrontation. Would. Not. Recommend. 

Traveling solo

I alter my activity when I am traveling solo to ensure my safety. 1) I never tell people where I stay. 2) I don’t go out alone at night 3) I don’t do nightlife when I travel solo, I just mingle at the hotel bar.

Results may vary, but I actually have more fun solo TBH. Travel can be chaotic so I plan for as much as I can in advance so that I can calmly navigate the challenges. 

The pandemic had added a new level of fear for others, but things that terrify others, simply activate my problem solving skills. I naturally think quickly on my feet and that excites me!

Social distancing is natural for me so I found it liberating to be myself and dance 10 ft away from everyone.

My joy opens beautiful doors and I take the leap and walk through. Travel has also refined the fine art of conversation for me, so I have no problem opening up and asking for what I want.

Tulum was wonderful! I felt safer in Mexico than I did in America thanks to the top notch sanitization protocols and masking. I definitely plan on returning and staying an extra day or two next time!

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