Cancun, Mexico

This is part 3 of my 3 part pandemic travel to Mexico. In this post I will talk about where I stayed and safety tips traveling solo.

I stayed at the Westin Resort and Spa and I would highly recommend this beach front property to any solo traveler or group that is looking to avoid crowded scene amidst a pandemic. This was the perfect spot to get away and recharge!

This property was a life saver. There were many things on site that made my trip flow seamlessly

  • Extremely clean property
    • Everything was sanitized between customer. The pens used were even passed through sanitizer blocks [this blew my mind in the best way possible]
  • Temperature was taken upon arrival and I was asked to fill out a COVID questionnaire prior to check- in
  • Multiple restaurants (need more vegan options!)
  • On-site concierge Westin | Adventuras
  • Europa car rental company
    • No cost to park the rental car at the property
  • Staff was extremely friendly and helped me

I used Luxury transportation from to ensure I was not exposed and to keep myself safe. The luxury you are paying for is individualized service and a properly sanitized car. As a solo traveler, I am willing to spend more to keep myself safe and stay at property with amenities and restaurants on site so that I do not have risk my safety and venture outside alone at night.

I have been assaulted and accosted (more than once) while traveling. I travel for a living and cannot afford to operate in fear, I learn from these experiences and put in measure to ensure my safety.

Tips for solo travelers

  • Do not tell people you are alone!
  • Do not allow anyone to follow you to your room.
  • Take a different path to your room (stairs vs elevator) if your floor has a circular plan walk in a different direction.
  • If you notice you are being followed walk to the front desk or hotel bar and let someone know!

Many times the individual will be escorted off the property and you can often get a security escort back to your room.

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