Love and Light in Dubai, UAE

I spent 8 days and 7 nights in pure luxury in Dubai and it was not enough to scratch the surface of all Dubai has to offer. I am breaking down this blog in a 3 part Series that allows you got get to the information you want quicker!!

Dubai sand dunes

PART 1 Travel to Dubai, Lodging, and details

  • Part 1 = Travel and Covid-19 Entry Information (As of May 2021) *please check national websites for recent requirements as they can change rapidly!
  • Part 2 = Adventure and luxury experiences
  • Part 3 = Manifesting during a full moon in Dubai and Meditation while traveling.

Travel to Dubai

Pandemic travel to Dubai is easy in comparison to other destinations I have visited.

  • You need a negative COVID-19 PCR test 72 hours before your flight.
    • Print out a physical copy of your test results and be ready to have them handy when checking in and going to through airport security and boarding your flight.
  • Valid Passport


I had a non-stop flight from LAX to Dubai on Emirates airlines and it was wonderful!

I flew regular economy but I was well cared for during the flight.

The staff was kind and everyone on-board spoke English so there was no issues getting my few requests for food and beverages in. have a generous meal and alcohol service that was included in the flight.

Let me just be honest with you! Even with the wonderful service, blankets, and booze. If you have the extra expendable cash I would recommend splurging on business Class.


I used a company to pick me up from the airport in luxury and transports my bags. I will be not be naming the company at this time because they broke my damn luggage! So this section will be updated when this is resolved.

I used Uber to get around most of my time in Dubai and it was super easy and it was relatively affordable.

The few time I did use a taxi, I did find them to be cheaper but I do not like to carry cash around for safety reasons. (And who I am as I person… I lose things)


I wanted a 5-star experience so I got an executive suite at the JW Mariott Marquis in Dubai. It boasts as the worlds tallest hotel and the views I had from the 62nd floor

JW Marriot Marquis – Dubai, UAE

I would definitely recommend staying at this hotel! The rooms were exceptionally clean with a spacious bathroom. They staff took excellent care of me and delivered chocolate covered strawberries an fruit since I was a Gold Elite Member.

The pool had an amazing view that topped many of the surrounding hotels

JW Marriot Marqui Pool

The hotel had a lovely lounge on the 68th floor called the vault with jaw dropping views of the Dubai Skyline

The Vault lounge – JW Marriot

I will be rolling out Pt 2 and Pt 3 over the course of this week to keep the information organized! I look forward to getting down into the details of my adventures!

If you read this far I hope your week is off to a wonderful start and I am sending love and light your way!

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