Love, Light, Luxury, and Adventure in Dubai

Lets get into the fun and activities I experienced in Dubai!! When I travel I like to try new experiences. This was my first “non-working” vacation in four years. So I was full ready to max and relax!

ATV in Dubai

ATV Tour

This was my first time taking and ATV tour and it was so much fun! The heat is no joke! But racing around those baby sand dunes got my adrenaline pumping. 10/10 would recommend.

ATV in Dubai

Dinner in the Sky

Have you ever eaten dinner suspended 50 meter (150 + feet in the air)? One of the Each time I travel I wanted to experience something unique Self care I experienced in Dubai. When I turned my chair around to see the view I was so overcome with gratitude I cried.

Dinner in the Sky

The food was delicious! They prepared the meals fresh in the air and turned this into a full experience.

I certainly recommend booking in Advance as spots do fill up! but another 10/10! Would recommend.

Spa Day

We spent one whole afternoon in complete bliss at the Five Palm Jumeirah beach. I would certainly recommend this spa for those who love outdoor pool vibes. Dubai is HOT so I was nice to wade in the water and have lunch/champagne in the cabana’s while I waited for my service.

I will say that I was certainly surprised that this facility did not have an cooled, indoor area for guests waiting on services. The pool is nice, but a completed break in air conditioning would be nice.

Five Palm Jumeirah Beach Spa

Yacht Experience

I have to express my sincere gratitude to the Urban Events Global and Black Travel Tube for allowing my friend and I to join in on the wonderful Yacht Experience. We had the luxury of sailing the Duabi Marina. There was good music, good vibes, and filled cups to cheers to a life with more love and light.

Yacht in Dubai Marina

Desert Experience

We took a full day excursion to the Desert. We visited the Red Dunes for a lovely sunset photo opp and I tried my hand at sand boarding. When drove into a beautiful desert camp and experienced a cultural show and Arabic feast!

The stand out moment for all of this was

Desert Experience and Arabic feast

Party Life

I personally surprised at how much night life was in Dubai! I love a good party or lounge but you can get into some trouble each night if you wanted too. One of my personal favorite lounges was the Vault lounge with view of the Dubai skyline from the 71 & 72 floor.

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