Full Moon in Dubai

I believe in the power of Manifestation and Meditation and Dubai met and exceeded expectations. Not only did I have an AMAZING time I had the honor to meet and connect with some wonderful Black Professionals in Dubai!


I consider it no coincidence that this trip culminated with a full moon! On my final evening I didn’t at an outdoor restaurant that prioritized the sensory experience of our guests. The vibes were right and I prepared me to usher in the new moon and second half of 2021

I had the honor of hosting a moonlight meditation and sound healing in Dubai.

I write out my visions when I travel and recite my intentions each morning and evening until they come true! I will remain in a constant state of gratitude until they all come true.

I led a meditation with 150 beautiful souls with Heidi Stevens.

Best Practices in Dubai


Kings and Queens remember that Dubai is Muslim country and modesty is key! When in public places you should be sure to honor the culture and wear clothing in good taste.

I did my best to honor and I even made mistakes in a full length dress because the neckline plunged too low! I was actually given a courtesy warning at the Dubai mall. When you travel you become a student of the world and I am happy to share lessons both good and bad.

Call to Prayer

Each evening there are the ethereal sounds of the call to prayer can be heard throughout the city. A beautiful reminder to respect the Muslim culture.

Return Home

You need a PCR test to return home to the US and my hotel made it so easy! I was to get a nurse to come to my room and perform the nasal swab and the results were emailed to me within 24 hours.

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