Yacht’Nik 2021 in Split, Croatia

What is Yacht’Nik

“What is YachtNik? Yacht’Nik is a Black-owned sailing experience that promises to deliver the best seven days of your life. Think of it as a floating Freaknik, the annual spring break street party typically attended by students from historically black colleges. But instead of Atlanta, Georgia, this flotilla travels to some of the most exotic locales around the globe.

Yacht’Nik Circle raft party

Yacht’Nik recently wrapped up its first sail to Split, Croatia, and neighboring islands Trogir, Hvar, and Vis. The event attracted 562 visitors from Egypt, Australia, New Zealand in addition to the United States crowd who all showed up to experience the European culture and party on the open sea.” [story adapted from Travel Noire]

The Black Travel Club

I had the distinct honor of traveling to YachtNik on behalf of the Black Travel Club to highlight the experiences of luxury travelers at this event. I made so many beautiful connections and you can catch the on the highlights on the Black Travel Club page.

I noticed an over all sense of gratitude for arriving at a place in life where you are able to have these experiences. In particular one King pointed out that he had only seen moments like this on TV. It is especially gratifying as a Black Man to have achieved this status and share it with other like minded Black Professionals. 

Entry Requirements for Croatia

  • Negative COVID test within 72 hours (They accepted PCR and Antigen in June 2021)
  • And or proof of Vaccination. (your airline or connecting country may require an antigen or PCR test)
  • Croatia also requires you to submit an online form that generates a QR code that says you are cleared for entry.
  • Note: please check current entry requirements before traveling (current as of June 2021)

My experience at Yacht’Nik

Now I will get into my personal experience but buckle up kids because this is going to be a wild ride! I had 48 hours to accept this mission and make my way to Split, Croatia. If you have been following my travels I was in Dubai the week before. But as a seasoned and savvy traveler I made this happen in the midst of a pandemic.

Once I made it to Croatia the energy was high and everyone was excited.

What stood out to me was the fact that there was no drama! No hate! Just a group of African Americans living their best lives in Croatia. I think when you make this kind of financial investment in your experience you only want to have a good time.

Each ship had a dedicated skipper sailing the boat and private host preparing meals. This invited ease into our lives each morning as we sailed. Owner Jeremy Moore handled the logistics so that that monetary investment covered the duration of the trip. I will note this is not a budget experience. The minimum investment can range between 2K to 4K but it is well worth it for 7 days at sea. This included meals, liquor, and lit party each evening.

My personal stand out was the all white Black and Bougie party.

My younger self needed to experience Yacht”Nik this! So many healthcare professionals were in attendance. I met other scientist, doctors, pharmacists, and engineers in the STEM fields at Yacht’Nik.

I need the kids to know that education, entrepreneurship, and investment will let you be able to travel the world. I need other Black Professionals to see that travel abroad is safe and accessible even during a pandemic! She needed to know that her brains would lead her to a beautiful life with more love and light! She needed to see that science is sexy and class will never go out of style! And that’s on the periodic table of elements.

We love to see it all, cheers to the good life! We work hard Kings and Queens We deserve it! You are your ancestors wildest dreams Kings and Queens

A yacht is a long way from a slave ship. This Melanin was imported! Word to @brother2thenite_

Next year Yacht’Nik will be bigger and better. You will have the opportunity to travel to Yachtnik with the Black Travel Club and the Love and Light Movement.

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