Ultra Luxury in the South of France

Part 2 of my journey is going to detail my ultra luxurious excursion down to Cannes, France to take in all the splendor of the French Riviera.

Cannes, France

“The Côte d’Azur , literal translation “Azure Coast” is the Mediterranean coastline of the southeast corner of France. [Wikipedia]

If you followed pt 1 you may remember that this journey started in Paris, France and took in some of the notable tourist sites as well as Michelin Rated Cuisine.

Private Jet

This trip elevated in experience very quickly as I was able to fly private down to the South of France. As a luxury traveler I understand that there are levels to everything and skipping the airport to fly out the clear port was a treat for me.

But most importantly it reminded me to thank God and be grateful for everything he has allowed be to experience this. It was at this moment that I truly realized I am living in at least one of my answered prayers for the Love and Light Movement.

As a Black Woman especially I am eternally in awe at the beautiful experiences that are available. I do not take a single experience for granted. But I also know that my lifestyle is that result of discipline, dedication, and hard work

I share this with the hopes of inspiring Kings and Queens to follow your dreams. Travel is something that makes your richer in experience and these experiences give me the motivation to push forward with love and light and showcase black luxury and integrate healing and wellness and remind my fellow man to rest and take care of themselves as we all navigate these crazy times.


I stayed at Hotel Barrière Le Majestic Cannes. A notable tourist 5 star hotel. It boasts a private pool and private beach and is home for many of the notable attendees for the Cannes, Film festival.

I think the most stand out feature was the top tier service. From the time I checked in there were bottles of champagne on ice and each room had butler service which came in handy because jet lag is a real thing!

Just walking up to this property it is evident by the driveway that the patrons have access to high end luxury vehicles and the premier luxury brand stores like Gucci, Saint Laurent, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton where in walking distance.


  • Baoli

Baoli is an upscale dining club. “

High-class restaurant in the heart of the Port Canto, the Bâoli welcomes you into a greenery area with an authentic decoration. A gastronomic cuisine combining Asian and Mediterranean tastes that will astonish your senses through its innovative flavours and textures. From appetizers to dessert, our Chef Rémi Solaz will sweep you off to a tropical atmosphere surrounded by palm trees.” [Website]

One thing about me, I love a good dinner and a show. At this big age, I am not one for night clubs. I want to eat, drink, and be merry without being accosted by someone’s son. I am willing to pay more for the ambiance, service, and dope atmosphere and this place did not disappoint.

This is a hot ticket in the Summer so I would not attempt walking up without a reservation.

  • La Guérite

This restaurant is an experience just to arrive. To get to the island where this iconic restaurant is nestled you need to charter a boat or pull up in a yacht. The journey alone sets the tone and it is a full out day party all afternoon 10/10 stars, would recommend.

“Since 1935, an international clientele has been seduced by the charm, authenticity and cuisine of La Guérite, a restaurant nestled, just next to the Château du Mas de Fer, in a rocky cove on the Ile Sainte Marguerite near Cannes. .

In 2015, La Guérite decided to transport this success to the idyllic setting of Saint Barthélémy.

It is on the tip of the port of Gustavia, between fishing boats and yachts, that you can come and discover authentic Mediterranean cuisine, created by one of the prodigies of Greek gastronomy: Yiannis Kioroglou.” [Website]

I love fruit
  1. Two other notable restaurants I had the privilege of attending were
  2. Café Hoche
  3. La Mome , Cannes

Champagne and Luxury Shopping

Champagne flows like French water and naturally I chose to indulge, when in France it is a must!

13 of the major champagne houses are located in Champagne, France and I make it a point to drink my body weight in the finest whenever the mood suits me.

Getting to the bag

I prefer to do my luxury shopping overseas. And it was just my luck that I was able to take this beautiful tote home from Saint Laurent, which you will surely see in my future travels.

I can say looking back at this trip. France showed up and showed out. What I love, is the fact that this being my 3rd time to France was truly the charm. I just thank God that I am able to experience true luxury and hope you are inspired by the small glimpse of my journey.

I will also like to thank the butler staff at Le Majestic! Traveling frequently is something I love, but it also can be tiresome so the top tier service is a lifesaver to a weary traveler.

You can absolutely love what you do and still be tired. This is why wellness and self care are a top priority to balance my jet setting lifestyle.

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