Ultra Luxury in the South of France

Part 2 of my journey is going to detail my ultra luxurious excursion down to Cannes, France to take in all the splendor of the French Riviera. “The Côte d’Azur , literal translation “Azure Coast” is the Mediterranean coastline of the southeast corner of France. [Wikipedia] If you followed pt 1 you may remember thatContinue reading “Ultra Luxury in the South of France”

Sending Love and Light from Paris, France

This was my third trip to France and as the saying goes “The Third time is the Charm”! If you have been following the blog this is also my third international trip this summer. France opened its borders at the end of June and your favorite Rich Aunties took full advantage This trip was allContinue reading “Sending Love and Light from Paris, France”

Yacht’Nik 2021 in Split, Croatia

What is Yacht’Nik “What is YachtNik? Yacht’Nik is a Black-owned sailing experience that promises to deliver the best seven days of your life. Think of it as a floating Freaknik, the annual spring break street party typically attended by students from historically black colleges. But instead of Atlanta, Georgia, this flotilla travels to some ofContinue reading “Yacht’Nik 2021 in Split, Croatia”

Love, Light, Luxury, and Adventure in Dubai

Lets get into the fun and activities I experienced in Dubai!! When I travel I like to try new experiences. This was my first “non-working” vacation in four years. So I was full ready to max and relax! ATV Tour This was my first time taking and ATV tour and it was so much fun!Continue reading “Love, Light, Luxury, and Adventure in Dubai”

7 Wonders of the world – Chichen Itza

Let’s talk about adventure! One of my favorite parts of traveling is going on adventurous excursions. I must first take the time to thank Westin Aventuras at the Westin Resort and Spa for booking my excursion on site. One of the reasons I love 4 and 5 star resorts as a solo traveler. They haveContinue reading “7 Wonders of the world – Chichen Itza”

Implementing yoga inversions and sound healing to lead a life with more love and light

I have never craved peace and joy more than the way I do in the year of our lord 2020. If I am being completely honest, this second lockdown in California is TRASH and the constant changes and groundlessness can make me feel anxious. To cope with the changes I have leaned deeper into myContinue reading “Implementing yoga inversions and sound healing to lead a life with more love and light”