Almafi Coast, Italy – Birthplace of the Love and Light Movement

We deserve to live luxurious lives filled with Love and Light ~ LLM Adventure Goddess

Almafi Coast, Italy

“Grief can take care of itself, but to get the full value of joy you must have somebody to divide it with.”

― Mark Twain

The Love and Light Movement was birthed in October 2019 in the Almafi Coast Italy.

During this trip I celebrated the end of a year of gratitude and started the journey to invite more love and light in my life.

I curated this trip for myself and a close friend and during this excursion I was moved to share my healing journey. During this excursion I felt alive! I experienced beauty and luxury. I felt love and light and I knew I wanted to continue sharing these experiences with others.

We deserve to live luxurious lives filled with Love and Light like everyone else

— LLM Adventure Goddess.

I had a vision of traveling to the Almafi Coast and I had this saved as my work background for years. And finally it manifested in 2019.

Thoughts become things – Manifest more love and light movement

Thoughts become things – Manfiest More love and light in your life. ~ LLM Adventure Goddess

I have traveled internationally for over a decade. I have traveled to 6 different continents, over 30 countries, something about this trip was different. I now understand God planted a seed for a vision that would take nearly a year to unfold.

Travel has halted for Americans due to the pandemic, but now I understand this gave me time to birth this vision!

Welcome to the Love and Light Movement travel and adventure blog!

I wish you love and light,

LLM Adventure Goddess

Ultra Luxury in the South of France

Part 2 of my journey is going to detail my ultra luxurious excursion down to Cannes, France to take in all the splendor of the French Riviera.

Cannes, France

“The Côte d’Azur , literal translation “Azure Coast” is the Mediterranean coastline of the southeast corner of France. [Wikipedia]

If you followed pt 1 you may remember that this journey started in Paris, France and took in some of the notable tourist sites as well as Michelin Rated Cuisine.

Private Jet

This trip elevated in experience very quickly as I was able to fly private down to the South of France. As a luxury traveler I understand that there are levels to everything and skipping the airport to fly out the clear port was a treat for me.

But most importantly it reminded me to thank God and be grateful for everything he has allowed be to experience this. It was at this moment that I truly realized I am living in at least one of my answered prayers for the Love and Light Movement.

As a Black Woman especially I am eternally in awe at the beautiful experiences that are available. I do not take a single experience for granted. But I also know that my lifestyle is that result of discipline, dedication, and hard work

I share this with the hopes of inspiring Kings and Queens to follow your dreams. Travel is something that makes your richer in experience and these experiences give me the motivation to push forward with love and light and showcase black luxury and integrate healing and wellness and remind my fellow man to rest and take care of themselves as we all navigate these crazy times.


I stayed at Hotel Barrière Le Majestic Cannes. A notable tourist 5 star hotel. It boasts a private pool and private beach and is home for many of the notable attendees for the Cannes, Film festival.

I think the most stand out feature was the top tier service. From the time I checked in there were bottles of champagne on ice and each room had butler service which came in handy because jet lag is a real thing!

Just walking up to this property it is evident by the driveway that the patrons have access to high end luxury vehicles and the premier luxury brand stores like Gucci, Saint Laurent, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton where in walking distance.


  • Baoli

Baoli is an upscale dining club. “

High-class restaurant in the heart of the Port Canto, the Bâoli welcomes you into a greenery area with an authentic decoration. A gastronomic cuisine combining Asian and Mediterranean tastes that will astonish your senses through its innovative flavours and textures. From appetizers to dessert, our Chef Rémi Solaz will sweep you off to a tropical atmosphere surrounded by palm trees.” [Website]

One thing about me, I love a good dinner and a show. At this big age, I am not one for night clubs. I want to eat, drink, and be merry without being accosted by someone’s son. I am willing to pay more for the ambiance, service, and dope atmosphere and this place did not disappoint.

This is a hot ticket in the Summer so I would not attempt walking up without a reservation.

  • La Guérite

This restaurant is an experience just to arrive. To get to the island where this iconic restaurant is nestled you need to charter a boat or pull up in a yacht. The journey alone sets the tone and it is a full out day party all afternoon 10/10 stars, would recommend.

“Since 1935, an international clientele has been seduced by the charm, authenticity and cuisine of La Guérite, a restaurant nestled, just next to the Château du Mas de Fer, in a rocky cove on the Ile Sainte Marguerite near Cannes. .

In 2015, La Guérite decided to transport this success to the idyllic setting of Saint Barthélémy.

It is on the tip of the port of Gustavia, between fishing boats and yachts, that you can come and discover authentic Mediterranean cuisine, created by one of the prodigies of Greek gastronomy: Yiannis Kioroglou.” [Website]

I love fruit
  1. Two other notable restaurants I had the privilege of attending were
  2. Café Hoche
  3. La Mome , Cannes

Champagne and Luxury Shopping

Champagne flows like French water and naturally I chose to indulge, when in France it is a must!

13 of the major champagne houses are located in Champagne, France and I make it a point to drink my body weight in the finest whenever the mood suits me.

Getting to the bag

I prefer to do my luxury shopping overseas. And it was just my luck that I was able to take this beautiful tote home from Saint Laurent, which you will surely see in my future travels.

I can say looking back at this trip. France showed up and showed out. What I love, is the fact that this being my 3rd time to France was truly the charm. I just thank God that I am able to experience true luxury and hope you are inspired by the small glimpse of my journey.

I will also like to thank the butler staff at Le Majestic! Traveling frequently is something I love, but it also can be tiresome so the top tier service is a lifesaver to a weary traveler.

You can absolutely love what you do and still be tired. This is why wellness and self care are a top priority to balance my jet setting lifestyle.

Sending Love and Light from Paris, France

This was my third trip to France and as the saying goes “The Third time is the Charm”! If you have been following the blog this is also my third international trip this summer.

France opened its borders at the end of June and your favorite Rich Aunties took full advantage

This trip was all about luxury and relaxation and I was overwhelmed in the best way possible by the hospitality, fine champagne (aka French water), and fine cuisine from a Michelin-starred chef

The city of Paris was stop 1 of 3 in my journey through France so I will reveal each with a dedicated blog post to keep you up on all the details.

Entry Requirements for France as of July 2021

  • negative PCR within 72 hours
  • and/or full Vaccination with last dose > 2 weeks
  • US Citizens can enter with vaccination alone if you have a direct flight and there are no additional stops, but you still need a COVID test to return to the US as of July 2021
  • Requirements change DAILY! always consult the GOVERNMENT or national/regulatory websites for the most accurate information daily

Travel to France

I never take any flight for granted but I have to give it to Air France for making this business class experience top tier.

Pandemic travel is stressful enough and fight prices are INSANE so I will hold this experience near and dear

The crew at Air France help we keep the WIFI connected and champagne flowing so I could work peacefully and maximize my rest during this long flight from LAX to CDE

Luxury Hotel

I had the pleasure of staying at of the Marriot Luxury Collection hotels The Prince de Galles.

“The Prince de Galles, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Paris has intrigued and enthralled guests since opening in 1929. We welcome you to France’s storied capital with our 5-star service and Art Deco chic. Situated on Avenue George V, just a few steps from the iconic Champs-Elysées, our hotel places you near luxury boutiques, the tranquil beauty of the Seine and legendary landmarks including the Arc de Triomphe.” (website)

This hotel boast a restaurant, Akira Back named after Japenese Michelin-starred chef who has chosen the hotel as his first European venture.

Let me tell you all! The food, the craft cocktails and pastries from chef Cedric Grolet did not disappoint! Im not a big foodie so you know I am raving about cuisine it must be amazing!

Sightseeing and Luxury Shopping

Did you really go to Paris if you didn’t go to the Eiffel tower to have a crepe and some coffee? I think not!!

I’m all for visiting the iconic touristy spots then taking a trip off the beaten path to explore something new.

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower was built in 1887 to 1889  and  is a wrought-iron lattice tower on the Champ de Mars in Paris, France. It is named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built the tower.

Champ de Mars

is a large public greenspace in Paris, France, located in the seventh arrondissement, between the Eiffel Tower to the northwest and the École Militaire to the southeast. The park is named after the Campus Martius (“Mars Field”) in Rome, a tribute to the Roman god of war. 

Champs de Eylesse

We took a stroll down the Iconic avenue Champs de Eylesse and it was so much fun! Not only visiting stores but interacting with the locals and some pretty cool kids on the street.

Rive Gauche

Many are obsessed with the Saint Laurent tote (its me… Im obsessed) I got a brief history lesson and learned that the “Rive Gauche referred to the southern bank of the river Seine in Paris. Here the river flows roughly westward, cutting the city in two parts. When facing downstream, the southern bank is to the left, and the northern bank (or Rive Droite) is to the right.

Yacht’Nik 2021 in Split, Croatia

What is Yacht’Nik

“What is YachtNik? Yacht’Nik is a Black-owned sailing experience that promises to deliver the best seven days of your life. Think of it as a floating Freaknik, the annual spring break street party typically attended by students from historically black colleges. But instead of Atlanta, Georgia, this flotilla travels to some of the most exotic locales around the globe.

Yacht’Nik Circle raft party

Yacht’Nik recently wrapped up its first sail to Split, Croatia, and neighboring islands Trogir, Hvar, and Vis. The event attracted 562 visitors from Egypt, Australia, New Zealand in addition to the United States crowd who all showed up to experience the European culture and party on the open sea.” [story adapted from Travel Noire]

The Black Travel Club

I had the distinct honor of traveling to YachtNik on behalf of the Black Travel Club to highlight the experiences of luxury travelers at this event. I made so many beautiful connections and you can catch the on the highlights on the Black Travel Club page.

I noticed an over all sense of gratitude for arriving at a place in life where you are able to have these experiences. In particular one King pointed out that he had only seen moments like this on TV. It is especially gratifying as a Black Man to have achieved this status and share it with other like minded Black Professionals. 

Entry Requirements for Croatia

  • Negative COVID test within 72 hours (They accepted PCR and Antigen in June 2021)
  • And or proof of Vaccination. (your airline or connecting country may require an antigen or PCR test)
  • Croatia also requires you to submit an online form that generates a QR code that says you are cleared for entry.
  • Note: please check current entry requirements before traveling (current as of June 2021)

My experience at Yacht’Nik

Now I will get into my personal experience but buckle up kids because this is going to be a wild ride! I had 48 hours to accept this mission and make my way to Split, Croatia. If you have been following my travels I was in Dubai the week before. But as a seasoned and savvy traveler I made this happen in the midst of a pandemic.

Once I made it to Croatia the energy was high and everyone was excited.

What stood out to me was the fact that there was no drama! No hate! Just a group of African Americans living their best lives in Croatia. I think when you make this kind of financial investment in your experience you only want to have a good time.

Each ship had a dedicated skipper sailing the boat and private host preparing meals. This invited ease into our lives each morning as we sailed. Owner Jeremy Moore handled the logistics so that that monetary investment covered the duration of the trip. I will note this is not a budget experience. The minimum investment can range between 2K to 4K but it is well worth it for 7 days at sea. This included meals, liquor, and lit party each evening.

My personal stand out was the all white Black and Bougie party.

My younger self needed to experience Yacht”Nik this! So many healthcare professionals were in attendance. I met other scientist, doctors, pharmacists, and engineers in the STEM fields at Yacht’Nik.

I need the kids to know that education, entrepreneurship, and investment will let you be able to travel the world. I need other Black Professionals to see that travel abroad is safe and accessible even during a pandemic! She needed to know that her brains would lead her to a beautiful life with more love and light! She needed to see that science is sexy and class will never go out of style! And that’s on the periodic table of elements.

We love to see it all, cheers to the good life! We work hard Kings and Queens We deserve it! You are your ancestors wildest dreams Kings and Queens

A yacht is a long way from a slave ship. This Melanin was imported! Word to @brother2thenite_

Next year Yacht’Nik will be bigger and better. You will have the opportunity to travel to Yachtnik with the Black Travel Club and the Love and Light Movement.

Full Moon in Dubai

I believe in the power of Manifestation and Meditation and Dubai met and exceeded expectations. Not only did I have an AMAZING time I had the honor to meet and connect with some wonderful Black Professionals in Dubai!


I consider it no coincidence that this trip culminated with a full moon! On my final evening I didn’t at an outdoor restaurant that prioritized the sensory experience of our guests. The vibes were right and I prepared me to usher in the new moon and second half of 2021

I had the honor of hosting a moonlight meditation and sound healing in Dubai.

I write out my visions when I travel and recite my intentions each morning and evening until they come true! I will remain in a constant state of gratitude until they all come true.

I led a meditation with 150 beautiful souls with Heidi Stevens.

Best Practices in Dubai


Kings and Queens remember that Dubai is Muslim country and modesty is key! When in public places you should be sure to honor the culture and wear clothing in good taste.

I did my best to honor and I even made mistakes in a full length dress because the neckline plunged too low! I was actually given a courtesy warning at the Dubai mall. When you travel you become a student of the world and I am happy to share lessons both good and bad.

Call to Prayer

Each evening there are the ethereal sounds of the call to prayer can be heard throughout the city. A beautiful reminder to respect the Muslim culture.

Return Home

You need a PCR test to return home to the US and my hotel made it so easy! I was to get a nurse to come to my room and perform the nasal swab and the results were emailed to me within 24 hours.

Love, Light, Luxury, and Adventure in Dubai

Lets get into the fun and activities I experienced in Dubai!! When I travel I like to try new experiences. This was my first “non-working” vacation in four years. So I was full ready to max and relax!

ATV in Dubai

ATV Tour

This was my first time taking and ATV tour and it was so much fun! The heat is no joke! But racing around those baby sand dunes got my adrenaline pumping. 10/10 would recommend.

ATV in Dubai

Dinner in the Sky

Have you ever eaten dinner suspended 50 meter (150 + feet in the air)? One of the Each time I travel I wanted to experience something unique Self care I experienced in Dubai. When I turned my chair around to see the view I was so overcome with gratitude I cried.

Dinner in the Sky

The food was delicious! They prepared the meals fresh in the air and turned this into a full experience.

I certainly recommend booking in Advance as spots do fill up! but another 10/10! Would recommend.

Spa Day

We spent one whole afternoon in complete bliss at the Five Palm Jumeirah beach. I would certainly recommend this spa for those who love outdoor pool vibes. Dubai is HOT so I was nice to wade in the water and have lunch/champagne in the cabana’s while I waited for my service.

I will say that I was certainly surprised that this facility did not have an cooled, indoor area for guests waiting on services. The pool is nice, but a completed break in air conditioning would be nice.

Five Palm Jumeirah Beach Spa

Yacht Experience

I have to express my sincere gratitude to the Urban Events Global and Black Travel Tube for allowing my friend and I to join in on the wonderful Yacht Experience. We had the luxury of sailing the Duabi Marina. There was good music, good vibes, and filled cups to cheers to a life with more love and light.

Yacht in Dubai Marina

Desert Experience

We took a full day excursion to the Desert. We visited the Red Dunes for a lovely sunset photo opp and I tried my hand at sand boarding. When drove into a beautiful desert camp and experienced a cultural show and Arabic feast!

The stand out moment for all of this was

Desert Experience and Arabic feast

Party Life

I personally surprised at how much night life was in Dubai! I love a good party or lounge but you can get into some trouble each night if you wanted too. One of my personal favorite lounges was the Vault lounge with view of the Dubai skyline from the 71 & 72 floor.

Love and Light in Dubai, UAE

I spent 8 days and 7 nights in pure luxury in Dubai and it was not enough to scratch the surface of all Dubai has to offer. I am breaking down this blog in a 3 part Series that allows you got get to the information you want quicker!!

Dubai sand dunes

PART 1 Travel to Dubai, Lodging, and details

  • Part 1 = Travel and Covid-19 Entry Information (As of May 2021) *please check national websites for recent requirements as they can change rapidly!
  • Part 2 = Adventure and luxury experiences
  • Part 3 = Manifesting during a full moon in Dubai and Meditation while traveling.

Travel to Dubai

Pandemic travel to Dubai is easy in comparison to other destinations I have visited.

  • You need a negative COVID-19 PCR test 72 hours before your flight.
    • Print out a physical copy of your test results and be ready to have them handy when checking in and going to through airport security and boarding your flight.
  • Valid Passport


I had a non-stop flight from LAX to Dubai on Emirates airlines and it was wonderful!

I flew regular economy but I was well cared for during the flight.

The staff was kind and everyone on-board spoke English so there was no issues getting my few requests for food and beverages in. have a generous meal and alcohol service that was included in the flight.

Let me just be honest with you! Even with the wonderful service, blankets, and booze. If you have the extra expendable cash I would recommend splurging on business Class.


I used a company to pick me up from the airport in luxury and transports my bags. I will be not be naming the company at this time because they broke my damn luggage! So this section will be updated when this is resolved.

I used Uber to get around most of my time in Dubai and it was super easy and it was relatively affordable.

The few time I did use a taxi, I did find them to be cheaper but I do not like to carry cash around for safety reasons. (And who I am as I person… I lose things)


I wanted a 5-star experience so I got an executive suite at the JW Mariott Marquis in Dubai. It boasts as the worlds tallest hotel and the views I had from the 62nd floor

JW Marriot Marquis – Dubai, UAE

I would definitely recommend staying at this hotel! The rooms were exceptionally clean with a spacious bathroom. They staff took excellent care of me and delivered chocolate covered strawberries an fruit since I was a Gold Elite Member.

The pool had an amazing view that topped many of the surrounding hotels

JW Marriot Marqui Pool

The hotel had a lovely lounge on the 68th floor called the vault with jaw dropping views of the Dubai Skyline

The Vault lounge – JW Marriot

I will be rolling out Pt 2 and Pt 3 over the course of this week to keep the information organized! I look forward to getting down into the details of my adventures!

If you read this far I hope your week is off to a wonderful start and I am sending love and light your way!

Cancun, Mexico

This is part 3 of my 3 part pandemic travel to Mexico. In this post I will talk about where I stayed and safety tips traveling solo.

I stayed at the Westin Resort and Spa and I would highly recommend this beach front property to any solo traveler or group that is looking to avoid crowded scene amidst a pandemic. This was the perfect spot to get away and recharge!

This property was a life saver. There were many things on site that made my trip flow seamlessly

  • Extremely clean property
    • Everything was sanitized between customer. The pens used were even passed through sanitizer blocks [this blew my mind in the best way possible]
  • Temperature was taken upon arrival and I was asked to fill out a COVID questionnaire prior to check- in
  • Multiple restaurants (need more vegan options!)
  • On-site concierge Westin | Adventuras
  • Europa car rental company
    • No cost to park the rental car at the property
  • Staff was extremely friendly and helped me

I used Luxury transportation from to ensure I was not exposed and to keep myself safe. The luxury you are paying for is individualized service and a properly sanitized car. As a solo traveler, I am willing to spend more to keep myself safe and stay at property with amenities and restaurants on site so that I do not have risk my safety and venture outside alone at night.

I have been assaulted and accosted (more than once) while traveling. I travel for a living and cannot afford to operate in fear, I learn from these experiences and put in measure to ensure my safety.

Tips for solo travelers

  • Do not tell people you are alone!
  • Do not allow anyone to follow you to your room.
  • Take a different path to your room (stairs vs elevator) if your floor has a circular plan walk in a different direction.
  • If you notice you are being followed walk to the front desk or hotel bar and let someone know!

Many times the individual will be escorted off the property and you can often get a security escort back to your room.

7 Wonders of the world – Chichen Itza

Let’s talk about adventure!

One of my favorite parts of traveling is going on adventurous excursions. I must first take the time to thank Westin Aventuras at the Westin Resort and Spa for booking my excursion on site. One of the reasons I love 4 and 5 star resorts as a solo traveler. They have many services, restaurants and bars available without leaving the comfort and safety of the property.

When I arrived at the hotel I was greeted by the concierge desk. They alerted me that they had a beach bag waiting for me and would like to take me on a property tour.

I was able to film some of the experience. My wonderful concierge assistant was Diana. I let her know that I wanted to see Chichen Itza.

Chichén Itzá  is one of the seven wonders of the world built by the ancient Mayans. “The Mayan ruins of Chichén Itzá evidence a dazzling ancient city that once centered the Maya empire in Central America. The stepped pyramids, temples, columned arcades, and other stone structures of Chichén Itzá were sacred to the Maya and a sophisticated urban center of their empire from A.D. 750 to 1200.” (National Geographic)

The Westin|Adventura had several tour packages available. I picked a full day tour that included a charter bus down to the Yucatan with a guided tour of the Mayan Ruins. This package also included a buffet lunch and entertainment, as well as trip to swim in a beautiful cenote.

The tour departed at 7am sharp from my hotel. I was the first person the be picked up in a very comfortable charter bus that had WIFI. The allotted bandwidth of use did not last long, but it was nice to have when available. My regular cell service sufficed most of the journey.

Our tour guide delivered a rich history of Mayan Culture and explained Mayan Math

This tour happened on December 21 which is the winter solstice and a very important day on the Mayan calendar. We were told that human sacrifices would have been made on this day. It felt so surreal coming to this iconic spot after the great conjunction.  (You know, the day Black people got their super powers) but It honestly felt like something magical happened on this trip! My super-power is that my vision for the Love and Light Movement became clearer and I built my resolve to do all things in love, even if I have to go that road alone.  

I made it a point to say hello to everybody Black and met some dope solo small group travelers and from around the world. Picture hack, hand your phone to strangers!! Offer to take a picture for a solo traveler in return for a dope photo of yourself. Have the picture and angle you want in mind That it… that’s the hack.

  • Cost
    • The cost of the tour package was $110 US
  • Safety
    • The staff wore masks at all times, and all tour participants were asked to wear a mask as well while on the bus
    • Upon entry each guest was given a squirt of sanitizer and asked to cleanse their hands. I really liked this approach because you know each person has done their due diligence upon entry
    • The buffet had an attendant who was masked and gloved. Each guest made selections from a glass partition and the food was handed to you around the glass
  • Food
    • I’m sure most of it was delicious, however traveling as a vegan in Mexico was no bueno. There were few vegan options in the buffet. I took a calculated risks to avoided meat and I almost certain I lost weight. I attribute my flat stomach to starvation.
  • Tour duration
    • In total the tour took approximately 12 hours
      • 2.5 hour drive to Yucatan
        • This included a pit stop to use the restroom and purchase souvenirs
      • Approximate 3 hours in Mayan Ruins
      • Approximately 1 hour for lunch
      • Approximately 2 hours for the swim
      • 2.5 hour return
  • I would definitely recommend taking a tour to Chichen-Itza if you are in Cancun. We were asked to stay masked at all times on the bus and the tour groups were kept to a maximum of 6 people. Tour participants were asked to sanitize their hands upon entry of the tour bus and were provided with several opportunities to wash and sanitize repeatedly during the duration of the tour.
  • I completed the 10 day self-quarantine returning from Mexico and I have tested and confirmed via PCR test that I did not contract COVID-19 while in Mexico.
  • I can now say with full confidence I felt like the sanitization practices in place for this tour were far superior to those in my day-to-day experiences in the US.

Tulum, Mexico

I traveled to Mexico for Christmas in 2020 and it was a whole vibe! A single blog post would not do so I am going to do a three part series to cover each city I visited and my experience during the pandemic starting with Tulum.

When I travel, it all starts with a vision! I think about how I want to feel and what I want to experience rather than the cost. That is what I define as luxury……

The initial vision for this trip was manifested from a dream someone had of us on a beach, I took that dream and manifested it into reality. Due to life circumstances and the pandemic, the original itinerary changed rapidly and I had to go solo – but let me tell you! This experience was far more beautiful than I imagined 

I needed to see Tulum for myself. Like many of you all, I say the pictures on Instagram and I was so sick and tired of not seeing myself in them lol.

I would consider myself a luxury traveler. I treat myself when I am on vacation. I want to see and experience things that set my soul on fire. And I want dope travel photos.

Before I even look at prices I always gather pictures and put together a vision of what the perfect trip will be, then I execute the details.

Traveling this way allows me to manifest the desires of my heart and opens me up to unique experiences! I have no problem traveling solo, but I love to share these experiences and curate trips for other people.

The topics below answer question based on feed back from Instagram

Flying in to Tulum

  • You need to fly into Cancun International Airport, then it is about a 2 hour drive into Tulum.
Cancun Airport Eyes Continued Expansion | TravelPulse

COVID-19 Testing and entry requirements

  • You are not required to test for entry to Mexico
  • However, I strongly encourage everyone to be a good global citizen and test so that we do not continue to spread the virus on the plane and to foreign countries
  • You do not need a COVID-19 test to return to the US. However, you must wear a mask on the plane or they will ban your flight privileges for life if you do.
  • Please have a valid passport and keep the form you are given from Mexican Immigration. You will need this to return home

COVID-19 Safety in Mexico

  • I felt very safe in Mexico! Actually safer than in America. People wore masks everywhere I went.
  • The restaurants I went to had hand washing stations as soon as you walked in the door and an attendant provided you with santizer prior to check in
  • Surfaces were sanitized each time a new client apporached the check in stations
  • People follow a 10 foot social distancing protocol.

Food in Tulum

I am vegan-ish and honestly I was underwhelmed with the food options. I was only in Tulum for a day and I had dinner and drinks at Mezzanine. This was a gorgeous beach front restaurant. However, the Thai food I had there was nothing to write home about.


  • I selected the Westin Resort and Spa in Cancun. This beach front property is absolutely amazing! And they have an on site private adventure concierge. Much love to Westin Adventuras for helping me book my excursion 
Beach Resort in Cancun, Mexico | The Westin Resort & Spa, Cancun

Driving a rental in Mexico

  • I rented a car to drive down to Tulum for a day from my hotel in Cancun. It was nice treat to rent to discover that the hotel had a rental car office.
  • This was my first time driving out of the country and I made it there in one piece. I will say traveling home was a different beast! I definitely got pulled over for “speeding” and instead of a ticket my mans let me go with a nice little payment for my troubles! Never again!! I will hire a driver, I am not built for international jail or confrontation. Would. Not. Recommend. 

Traveling solo

I alter my activity when I am traveling solo to ensure my safety. 1) I never tell people where I stay. 2) I don’t go out alone at night 3) I don’t do nightlife when I travel solo, I just mingle at the hotel bar.

Results may vary, but I actually have more fun solo TBH. Travel can be chaotic so I plan for as much as I can in advance so that I can calmly navigate the challenges. 

The pandemic had added a new level of fear for others, but things that terrify others, simply activate my problem solving skills. I naturally think quickly on my feet and that excites me!

Social distancing is natural for me so I found it liberating to be myself and dance 10 ft away from everyone.

My joy opens beautiful doors and I take the leap and walk through. Travel has also refined the fine art of conversation for me, so I have no problem opening up and asking for what I want.

Tulum was wonderful! I felt safer in Mexico than I did in America thanks to the top notch sanitization protocols and masking. I definitely plan on returning and staying an extra day or two next time!

Implementing yoga inversions and sound healing to lead a life with more love and light

I have never craved peace and joy more than the way I do in the year of our lord 2020.

If I am being completely honest, this second lockdown in California is TRASH and the constant changes and groundlessness can make me feel anxious.

To cope with the changes I have leaned deeper into my yoga inversion flow practice and sound healing to bring me back to a place of peace

I would like to share some of the benefits of yoga, specifically implementing inversions and sound healing into your daily life to bring you to a place of peace.


I have focused on adding more challenging inversions into my regular yoga practice to ease the anxiety of the lockdown.

Yoga practitioners claim that by putting the feet above the heart, the strain on the heart is reduced – allowing your heart, mind, and body to slow down creating a natural state of calm.

You can change your positions and varied angles of inversions to find what works best for you and your body.

Advanced Inversion post used to slow my heart rate. I begin with my feet low and raise them above heart level using core strength.

Some simple inversions involve touching your toes or sitting on the edge of a chair or bed and laying your head back.

While inverted try taking in a deep breathe in through the nose, and then slowly breath out through the mouth (this is said to help fully empty the lungs). Pause for a moment and then breathe in again. It is important to concentrate on your breathe to receive the full benefits of inversion. Try to breathe from the diaphragm, allowing the ribs to fully expand and contract.

Hope this helps!

Sound healing

Ocean Drum used to mimic the sound of Ocean waves

I went to a sound healing session in at source studio in Riverside, California. Infinite gratitude to my healer Piyahda who lead me through a sound healing session and reiki healing. I was admittedly nervous at first but her spirit was so calming I was able to release so much tension and tears of gratitude flowed from me by the end of the session.

After the session I was surprised to find that all my body craved was peace and calm, I didn’t even want to listen to music.

That was such a transformative experience that I began to do my own research and implement sound therapy and sensory healing to help with my anxiety.

When the second lockdown hit I knew it was time to tap back in! I was feeling anxious so I leaned into my practice to turn in and navigate my feelings. The results did not come overnight! It took me a few days to name my anxiety, it was actually grief

I was grieving….

Grieving COVID-19 deaths that hit closer and closer to home….

Grieving a year that looks unfamiliar. I travel often so grounding for the pandemic makes me feel like a bird with clipped wings.

I am also grieving the reality of accepting the lockdown and preparing myself to do my part and social distance until things get better. I am a people who needs people.

leaning into my practice restored me to a place of joy and healing.

Thank you for reading! I wish you all love and light

Bri “From the IE” the Love and Light Movement adventure